DIY Popcorn Ornaments

Popcorn is no stranger to the holidays. It is often strung with cranberries to make a Christmas garland that is wrapped around the Christmas tree or around wreaths that are hung throughout the house. However, did you know you can also use popcorn to create unique, do-it-yourself glass ornaments? All you need are a few simple items.
Popcorn 2

Get Your Snacks for the Thanksgiving Day Games!

Besides the turkey and stuffing, the mashed potatoes, and the holiday parade in New York City, there is another event that is synonymous with Thanksgiving – Football! Regardless of what team you are rooting for, there are plenty of Turkey Day games to keep most of the sports enthusiasts in the family engaged either before or after the big meal. If you know your house is going to be the sports zone for the day, here are some ideas to help you plan for the game.


Corn and Thanksgiving: A Mini-History

While Thanksgiving dinner fare varies from family to family, usually you’ll find turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce, and corn. There is little written documentation about what was actually eaten during the First Thanksgiving dinner, but from what was recorded, we know that there are two main dishes from modern-day Thanksgiving that were present at the first. These were the turkey and corn.

The No-Cook Thanksgiving Feast

Can you believe it’s already November? Unfortunately most stores and TV networks didn’t even wait until Halloween was over before they started major pushes for the holidays. Before we get ahead of ourselves though, and start to think of the end of December – there’s another holiday that is coming up soon. It’s easy to forget that Thanksgiving is the major holiday in November given that most of the focus is on the following month.